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Is Your Yorkie Eating Mold

According to the FDA site, there have been at least 3 different dog foods pulled from store shelves in the past few weeks due to their safety. Instead of Salmonella poisoning which has also been the cause of some other dog food recalls recently, this time it is due to a toxin labeled carcinogenic aflatoxins.

Some Other Great Points

Aflatoxin is a substance resulting from MOLD found in mainly corn and nuts. The problematic ingredient is corn when it comes to our dog’s commercial dog food diets. There seems to be a prevalence with last year's corn crop in relation to that year's drought in the Midwest regions. Last year's drought has now put everyone on high alert due to the food safety concerns brought on by this mold. Any dog food manufacturer has to be very selective when choosing corn ingredients due this high alert status.

Once even the smallest amount is ingested by your Yorkie can cause serious problems. It is stored in the liver forever. Larger amounts can cause death.

Symptoms of Aflatoxin poisoning are loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, dark urine, bloody diarrhea and death. If you think your Yorkshire Terrier has been affected, please seek emergency veterinarian medical attention.