Yorkshire Terriers Are More Than A Fashion Accessory

The Yorkshire Terriers are known to be the rich and the famous’ fashion accessories. However, they love to be pampered. The Yorkshire Terriers only weigh around seven pounds when they fully grow and they are considered to be in the toy group. They look like miniature divas. They originally were bred to be able to eliminate rats in the mines. Even Yorkies of today have this hunting instinct. These small dogs think that they are tough. That is what gives them such personality.

Some Other Great Points

The Yorkshire Terriers are great around kids if they are raised with children at home. However, the children should respect them and they should be handled with care. Yorkies do not bark a lot as once was thought about this breed. The owners like their sense of adventure and their being mischievous as well. The Yorkies are admired for their silky coats as this is what makes them really beautiful. They can be brushed weekly as grooming is not too demanding. They enjoy this type of routine. They make great pets as they don’t shed. You can actually but bows and other clips in the hair on the top of their head to aid in keeping the hair out of their eyes. Another way would be to clip the hair as well.