Some Tips On Training Your Yorkie Puppy The Right Way

For some, it can be actually difficult and really frustrating to train Yorkie puppies, particularly if they don’t obey your commands. However, you have to learn from the expert trainers so that you won’t get stressed with your Yorkie puppies as you train them. Through this, you will have obedient puppies that will surely follow the commands that you want them to do. One of the very important tips that you have to remember when you are going to train these puppies is to make sure that you have minimized distractions. If you will be training your Yorkie, then you have to ensure that there are not so many animals or people in the surroundings. You have to limit the distractions as much as possible.

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Moreover, when you train Yorkie puppies, you should not forget about giving rewards when they have successfully performed a command. This is one way to encourage the dog or the puppy. Also, you have to remember that Yorkies enjoy eating. Because of this, treats are definitely excellent to use when you are going to train them. It doesn’t mean giving your puppy a treat each time it has obeyed your command, but defiantly during your training session. Another thing is that you have to know how to praise the puppy when it follows your command. If the Yorkie has had too many treats, or is running over weight, then you have to utilize a lot of praise, and the timing of the praise has to be done correctly and immediately after correct behavior. Dogs love praises, as they want to please their owners. Also, if you have another dog already in the house, it would be great that you train your dog too along with your Yorkie so that they can bond and not cause any chaos at home. Training them together teaches them to work together instead of competing for your attention.