Yorkie Dog Food and Yorkie Puppy Treats | Recalls Once Again

Its seems that you have to check on a month to month basis to see which dog food have been recalled as a common practice anymore. The following list is a list for the dog foods and dog treats that have been recalled for the year 2013 that I am aware of:

  • Jones Natural Chews - Woofers Beef Patties
  • Diggin' Your Dog Pet Treats
  • Steve's Real Food
  • Hy-Vee Dog Food
  • Kasel Dog Treats
  • Honest Kitchen Dog Food
  • Nutri-Vet Chicken Jerky Treats
  • Nature's Variety Dog Food
  • Hartz Dog Treats
  • Publix Chicken Tenders Dog Treats
  • IMS Trading Group Chicken Jerky Dog Treats
  • Milos Kitchen Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers Dog Treats
  • Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

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I never myself buy any type of a dog treats anymore. If I do buy any meat Jerky for them as a treat, it is either home made or brand that is a humane grade treat that is intended for human consumption only.

I am going to add a home made treat recipe to my website due to the increased recalls on dog treats. Many of the treats above have been recalled due to salmonella and one was due to drug residue ! Mold is becoming an issue as well.

Salmonella is very serious especially for young puppies. Yorkie puppies that are running smaller in size can be hit hard very fast and can even cause death. Not eating, Vomiting and diarrhea are the signs for salmonella poisoning. Prompt emergency vet care should be sought out.