Horse Meat and Pentabarbital Found In Recalled Dog Food

yorkie eating dog food from his bowl

Another recalled happen February 20, 2017 with Evanger's Dog Food. This family owned and operated Dog Food Company located in Illinois issued this recall after a Pug died as well as other dogs in the home were ill.

The company then had additional recalls of its Hunk of Beef and Braised Beef Chunks as well as their food called Against Grain Pulled Beef. The FDA is looking deeper into the situation. It is very alarming as a pet owner to have dog food containing a drug that is used to euthanize animals. Note: It has been used to put down horses as well. It is prescribed drug only and would have to administered as such. Why then this animal would be allowed to be processed as dog food is very scary. There is no such safety precaution in place for a animal once euthanized with this drug to be marked as such.  So what prevents it from then being processed for pet food?

If this isn’t enough to be concerned with the owners themselves of Evanger’s then announced that private laboratory results had concluded that horse DNA was found in samples of their Hunk of Beef Dog food that was recalled on the 3rd of February 2017 as well as samples taken from Gravy Dinner for Dogs and Against the Grain. The owners contend that their meat supplier is to blame. They have used this supplier for more than 40 years, and have visited their plant numerous times over the years. They have since severed their business ties with this meat supplier.

Evanger’s dog food label that use to say human grade food used, has since been taken off. This is yet another example how we as pet owners and animal lovers cannot trust commercial diets for our beloved pets. We need to be very proactive in feeding food that is actually safe and healthy for them.

How to Report Problems With Your Dogs Food

The FDA provides FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinators to talk directly to you in the event you have any complaints about your dogs food. You can as well submit your complaints through their website through their Safety Report Portal. Report a dog food problem to the FDA here.

Rendering Plants

What is a rendering plant.  Being a pet owner it should be your responsibility to know, as well as how they play a major role in commercial pet foods.  Follow this link to learn more about rendering plants.

Some main reasons dogs get sick and have diarrhea?  Below is a video of a rendering plant in California.  I think you can be the judge on why you should know.