What to Feed My Yorkie - Some Nutritious Yorkie Food Recipes

Well, it is not a very easy task to have your own Yorkie to take care of especially when it concerns their diet. Although some would think that just because they are just dogs, that what they eat does not matter, but Yorkies need to eat healthy food recipes to ensure that they have the best health and for them to avoid getting diseases and becoming sick. Probably, you are now asking yourself "What to feed my Yorkie?" Well, there is nothing to worry about since you can get insights over the internet. Among the basic things that you need to remember is that you should not feed your pet anything poisonous such as, chocolates, onions, mushrooms as well as highly fatty foods. Look online for nutritious Yorkie food recipes or you can get advices from breeders. Do not rely on a hundred percent on commercial diets unless you do your research.

Yorkie Diet Is Vital To Good Health

One of the Yorkie food recipes found on our website that you can give to your pet is called Yorkie Goulash. All you need is to do is get a pound of ground beef. You can go for ground venison or ground turkey too. Then you should have two cups of brown rice, cooked. You need two cans of vegetables such as cooked green beans, cooked sweet potatoes, cooked carrots in small amounts, spinach. Then you need two whole eggs, a can of mackerel, minced garlic and a pound of cooked chicken liver. You will just have to mix these ingredients and your Yorkie will surely enjoy. As you can see, your dog can be feed a healthy diet, free of preservatives and chemicals. Some Yorkies digestive systems can be sensitive and no one likes their dog getting sick. There are many other Yorkie food recipes that you can fine on the internet.