Tips On Feeding A Finicky Eater

On occasion some of the smaller Yorkies can tend to be difficult when it comes to getting them to eat.  They are among some of the smaller breeds of dogs that can tend to be finicky eaters.  When you have a little dog like this, be assured that what you do get them to eat a meal that it is a highly nutritious one.

When first purchasing a Yorkie puppy, be sure to ask detailed instructions on the puppy's current eating schedule and the type of food that it is currently on.  Stay on this schedule as best as you can and try feeding the exact kind of food. 

It is normal for a newly placed puppy to not want to eat, due to the stress of being re-located to a new home due to environmental changes.  This transitional period is stressful on all puppies.  Separation from their litter mates alone will change their eating habits, as they are used to eating in a competitive state with other puppies.  In most cases, this will be the very first time your puppy will be eating alone, EVER. Be sure that during this time of transition your puppy does not skip a meal. 

Some things that you can use to substitute a meal if necessary is Nutri-Cal also called puppy paste or even better, you can use Esbilac puppy milk.  I recommend the premixed formula in a can.  If they do not willingly take it on their own, then rub the puppy paste on the roof of the mouth and or syringe the milk onto the tongue.  Puppy paste is noted for increasing their appetite as well. The amount given would vary on the size of the dog or puppy.  Consult your breeder for the correct amount.  I give enough milk to make a noticeable difference in the size of the puppy's belly.  It should appear to be fuller than when you started.

As far as a daily diet, once the puppy settles in, I would suggest a homemade dog food or a very top rated frozen dog food or the like.  Homemade dog food using chicken breast is good for puppies.  Something on the plainer side.  Nothing fatty or greasy.  Do not give your picky eaters table scrapes, as this will make it harder to transition them onto their own food.

Leave the puppy in a confined area alone to eat their meals. This way they have no distractions and can concentrate on their food.  Have a set time like an hour or two, then take the food up.  If they do not eat, supplement and try something else at the next meal time.  It is important to supplement if a meal is skipped, as they need to get us to having a "full" feeling in their bellying. 

Try recipes noted for finicky eaters and if cooking homemade dog food use fresh or frozen ingredients.  They also make a commercial dog diet made specifically for lactating mothers and for weaning puppies.  This usually is highly palatable and does entice finicky eaters.   

You can also consult your veterinary as well.  For more information on homemade recipes see Yorkie Diets for finicky eaters.